We develop and manufacture 3D Printer and run 3D printing service Beta in India.

We organize 3D Printing workshop at our office, if you are interested in, do sign up our mailing list. We also participate in many events, do visit us at any of them.

Advantage of 3D Printer:

    • Prove your proof of concept with 3D printing

Build confidence in your design by printing your design. Gain unparalleled advantage !

    • Build all those that you have ever dreamed

Dreamed to build component but never completed it ? May be today is right day to print it.

    • Give Shape to your imaginations

Waiting to realize shapes you always dreamed ? Make a drawing and print it ! ! ! Full fill your imaginations.

    • Ultra Fast Rapid prototyping

Print parts in minutes . . . On an average, it take more time to design part in CAD tool than print in our machine

    • No more large upfront investment in molding

Don’t invest in mold for prototypes. Print first and verify your drawing.

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